Healed NYC™ was founded by Melissa Gasson, a licensed massage therapist and entrepreneur. She is well known in the wellness industry, through the use of her ‘magic hands’ across some of New York’s most elite. With more than 10 year of experience, Melissa’s reputation has garnered an exclusive, referral-only business of A-list clientele including professional athletes, celebrities, financiers and socialites. 

Melissa is the proprietor of Amalgam Therapy™, a massage technique which combines Eastern and Western modalities, with a combination of movement, at any pressure. The massage is customized to each individual, from the professional athlete to the least active person.

Following Melissa’s own standards of a high quality and organic lifestyle, Healed NYC’s CBD line grows its hemp in Colorado and uses organic ingredients and minimal plastic in its packaging. Our hemp plants naturally produce a high amount of CBD along with the cannabinoids CBG, CBN and CBC. Healed NYC’s extraction process ensures the preservation of nearly all beneficial phytocannabinoids and terpenes while eliminating THC (0.0% THC means our products generate no psychoactive effects or side effects associated with THC). Extraction methods maintain the broad plant profile, ensuring a Broad Spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and fatty acids from the natural plant.

Healed NYC™ uses a process called Nano-emulsification, in which we are able to take CBD and create nanoparticles of them that are so small, they can be absorbed into your bloodstream more efficiently than regular-sized particles of the same substance. Nanotechnology makes the particles water-soluble and extremely bio-available. The smaller particles created by nanotechnology mean enjoying better results and no more wasting 90% of the product.